Rosen-what? Where’s Did Johnny’s “Ts” Go?

September 28, 2009

College Baseball 360 Editor Sean Stires is now in his second day in Omaha, NE in preparation for the 2009 College World Series.

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I talked a little food yesterday after my family and got to town, so I’ll get to a little more baseball today. First, let me say this is my third CWS, and the people of Omaha are always great. “Welcome to Omaha” is the phrase both players and fans alike love to hear. This is just a great event, and I’m glad the CWS is in Omaha for decades to come.

That said, the hotel I’m staying in has one of those little local event magazines in each room. This one, fittingly, is called “Omaha Magazine”, which is published in conjunction with the Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau (I know so, because it says so right on the cover).

There’s a picture of a Fresno State pitcher on the cover of the mag, and the headline reads:
“2009 NCAA College World SERIES Rosenblass Stadium”.

You read that correctly- Rosenbla “ss“. Oops. Make that double oopss!

I know there’s only one for year for Rosenblatt Stadium, but c’mon. Can I get a copy editor please!?! Johnny’s rolling over in his grave right now.

I’ll tell you what though, in the interest of journalistic integrity I’m going to head to the stadium right now to make sure there are still two “Ts” at the end of the name on that stadium.

Stand by…

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