UCLA CWS Video Recap

June 28, 2013

College Baseball 360 has assembled this video tribute page to the UCLA baseball program’s 2013 NCAA championship run – spanning an assortment of 22 videos, covering nearly 150 total minutes of posted footage.

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front-page photo (of UCLA’s Nick Vander Tuig, Adam Plutko & Pat Valaika) and photo above by Pete LaFleur/CB360

CB360 has edited all of these videos for quicker viewing, with questions omitted/shortened and other gaps deleted to speed the viewing. Most of the video also include nameplates identifying the speaker, game/result, date, etc. This video page includes seven formal press conferences (following all five of UCLA’s games, plus the Bracket 2 coaches pre-CWS comments and the June 23 press conference featuring the Championship Series teams). There also are several bonus interviews, plus video of UCLA’s trophy presentation & celebration (including the ESPN CWS Highlight video, recorded from field level showing the TD Ameritrade jumbotron).

All videos edited and processed by CB360′s Pete LaFleur (footage courtesy of NCAA or LaFleur/CB360).

The 22 videos listed below are posted in reverse chronological order (spanning June 14-25, 2013).

(1) UCLA 2013 CWS Champions, on-field celebreation (6/14/13), below

(2) ESNP 2013 CWS Highlights Video (on-field video from CB360; 6/25/13), below

(3) UCLA’s Eric Filia, ater 8-0 win over Mississippi State (NCAA champs; 6/25/13), below

(4) UCLA coach John Savage, ater 8-0 win over Mississippi State (NCAA champs; 6/25/13), below

(5) UCLA’s Adam Plutko, ater 8-0 win over Mississippi State (NCAA champs; 6/25/13), below

(6) UCLA after 8-0 win over Mississippi State (NCAA champs; Savage, Berg, Filia, Regis & Vender Tuig; 6/25/13), below

(7) UCLA’s Eric Filia after 3-1 win over Mississippi State (6/24/13), below

(8) UCLA’s David Berg after 3-1 win over Mississippi State (6/14/23), below

(9) UCLA’s Adam Plutko after 3-1 win over Mississippi State (6/24/13), below

(10) UCLA after 3-1 win over Mississippi State  (Savage, Berg, Filia, Plutko & Valaika; 6/14/13), below

(11) UCLA coach John Savage (practice prior to CWS Champ. Series; 6/23/13), below

(12) UCLA’s David Berg (practice prior to CWS Champ. Series; 6/23/13), below

(13) UCLA’s Cody Regis (practice prior to CWS Champ. Series; 6/23/13), below

(14) UCLA at pre-CWS Champ. Series press conf. (Savage, Plutko & Valaika; 6/23/13), below

(15) UCLA after 4-1 win over North Carolina (Savage, Regis, Watson & Williams; 6/21/13), below

(16) UCLA coach John Savage after 2-1 win over NC State (6/18/13), below

(17) UCLA’s David Berg after 2-1 win over NC State (6/18/13), below

(18) UCLA after 2-1 win over NC State (Savage, Berg, Kramer & Vander Tuig; 6/18/13), below

(19) UCLA coach John Savage, after 2-1 win over LSU (6/16/13), below

(20) UCLA’s Adam Plutko, after 2-1 win over LSU (6/16/13), below

(21) UCLA press conf. after 2-1 win over LSU (Savage, Berg, Filia & Plutko; 6/16/13), below

(22) UCLA coach John Savage, during Bracket 2 Coaches Pre-CWS Press Conf. (6/14/13), below

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