Two Middle Tennessee St. Baseball Players Charged With Rape

January 15, 2011

A pair of Middle Tennessee State baseball players have been charged with rape. MTSU athletic director Chris Massaro and head coach Steve Peterson each released statements Friday confirming that Conlon Palo, 18, and Damien Seguen, 21, have also been dismissed from the team.

Law enforcement officials in Murfreesboro, TN have not released details of the alleged incident, but Massaro confirmed that it happened in December.

Bond for the two men is set at $10,000, with a February 7 court date pending.

“These are very serious charges and my role is not to determine guilt or innocence. That is the role of our judicial system,” Massaro said. “I decide who represents Middle Tennessee as part of our athletic program and have dismissed both players from the team effective immediately.

“I fully support and concur with the decision to dismiss Conlon Palo and Damian Seguen from our team,” added Peterson. “I believe in the judicial system and through its course it will reach the appropriate conclusion.”

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