A Letter Of Thanks To Johnny Rosenblatt

September 2, 2010

Venerable Stadium Hosts Last Baseball Game Thursday… 

September 2, 2010 

Dear Mr. Rosenblatt: 

I am writing to thank you for the vision you had in the 1940s to build a baseball park on the southern edge of Omaha. At the time, our country was still feeling the impact of the Great Depression and was very much focused on the war effort. I’m sure you received your share of criticism for your insistence that Omaha needed to build Municipal Stadium in order to attract a professional baseball team to town. Sixty-plus years hence, I say with confidence, “Good move!” 

By all accounts, you were an accomplished player and passionate fan of the game with big dreams to share your passion with the City of Omaha. I wonder if you dreamed this big. The demand for the stadium you helped bring to life far outweighed what she could supply. In response, she expanded her waistline and endured multiple facelifts as more and more people came to share in her glory. Three generations of would-be legends have clamored to make an appearance on your field of dreams and left humbled by the honor. Fans have come to love her as a family member, forming annual traditions and hosting gatherings in her shadow. 

Today the final game of baseball will be played at the legendary diamond on the hill that now bears your name. We knew this day was coming and we’ve had time to prepare for it. Still, the moment is painful. It hurts to look forward to a day without Rosenblatt Stadium

We must move on, but we need never forget. The Rosenblatt name will always be synonymous with baseball and the City of Omaha. We will never forget the indelible legacy you left for us all to cherish. 

With greatest regards, 

Paul Fiarkoski (on behalf of your fans) 

Collegebaseball360 correspondent Paul Fiarkoski grew up in the South Omaha neighborhood west of Rosenblatt Stadium.  He has been chronicling Rosenblatt Stadium’s final year via blogs here and on Facebook and Twitter.


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