Beginners Guide To The College World Series In Omaha

June 16, 2010

Tips on Getting Around, Lodging, Dining and Entertainment   

Paul Fiarkoski is an Omaha, NE native who runs the blog  He will be providing coverage of the last College World Series at Rosenblatt Stadium on   

By Paul Fiarkoski   

If you’re headed to Omaha for the final College World Series (CWS) at the legendary Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium: Congratulations!  You are in for some incredible memories.  In order to get the most out of your experience, here are a few things you should know:   

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Looking to Rosenblatt Stadium from the zoo


  • Rosenblatt Stadium (map) is located near the eastern edge of Omaha at the 13th Street exit from Interstate 80.
  • The Missouri River is the city’s (and state’s) border on the east and street numbers get bigger as you go west, so 13th Street is approximately 13 blocks west of the river.
  • Numbered streets run north/south; name and lettered streets run east/west.
  • Dodge Street dissects the city between south and north. So if you’re looking for an address on a numbered street, divide the number by 100 and the location will be approximately that many blocks south or north of Dodge. For example, 3515 S. 13th Street is about 35 blocks south of Dodge on 13th.  By contrast, the address on named or lettered streets indicates how far west of the river the location is. So, 3515 Dodge St is on Dodge about 35 blocks west of the Missouri River.  Knowing this little tip can help make getting around the city a breeze.
  • Hotels are few near the stadium will likely be full throughout the series. Most lodging in Omaha is located downtown or west of 72nd Street. The neighboring towns of Bellevue, NE and Council Bluffs, IA also offer close lodging and are often overlooked because they’re not in Omaha. is a great place to get objective reviews from other travelers.
  • There is plenty to do at and around the stadium before, during and after the games and this is perhaps the best part of the CWS experience. Build in a couple hours before or after the game(s) accordingly. Every CWS experience should include a visit to Zesto and Stadium View, two mainstay businesses across the streets to the south and west, respectively, from the main stadium entrance.
  • If parking lots at the stadium are full (they will be) you will need cash to park in the adjacent neighborhoods. Going rate is typically $8 to $20, depending how close you get. Don’t worry, your vehicles will be safe.
  • Omaha is known for its diverse selection of independent restaurants – especially steakhouses – offering great meals and atmosphere at relatively low prices.
  • Omaha’s Old Market is a popular district of restaurants and bars approximately three miles north of Rosenblatt on 13th Street. Plenty of additional entertainment awaits those willing to venture out. (The drinking age is 21 and is strictly enforced.)
  • Casinos are located just across the Missouri River in Council Bluffs, Ia – only a few miles east of Rosenblatt on I-80.
  • The local newspaper, the Omaha World-Herald, does a great job in covering College World Series activities (inside and outside of the stadium) and is a wise daily investment.
  • Families with kids should build in half a day to visit the Omaha Zoo adjacent to Rosenblatt Stadium.


What may surprise a lot of first-time visitors to Omaha is how hot and humid it can be. During the College World Series temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s are common, with high humidity levels. Rainfall is abundant and powerful thunderstorms can arrive with little to no notice in the month of June. That said, mornings and evenings can be chilly, especially when waiting in line for CWS tickets or sitting through extra innings.  Pack accordingly: you’ll want to have plenty of shorts and short sleeve shirts, a light jacket, as well as deoderant and hairspray (if you use it).   

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