College World Series Stat Leaders (exclusively from CB360)

June 29, 2010

Whether you are a diehard baseball stat fan or a casual observer of the CWS, you’ll be sure to enjoy diving into CB360’s exclusive team/player stats package, breaking down various aspects of the 2010 College World Series. CB360 will be announcing its own CWS all-star team – the most important Primetime Performer Honor Roll of the season – later this week. In the meantime, click on the below link to peruse the stats … and tell us what stats you find to be the most interesting, noteworthy, crucial, surprising, etc.

CLICK HERE for CWS team/players stats package (provided exclusively by

(stats pack to be updated after game-2 and game-3, if necessary … CB360 will have an analysis, breakdown, etc. of these stats later)

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