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June 23, 2012

June 23 Vids Include Both Coaches & ESPN’s Jess Mendoza…

Saturday was the only day during the 2012 College World Series without any games scheduled … but there still was a press conference and additional media availability. … And both coaches talked … a lot.  front-page photo of Arizona’s Andy Lopez by CB360’s Pete LaFleur

(Note – this page now includes Saturday’s entire formal press conference, with both coaches and four players.)

As we’ve done throughout the 2012 CWS, CB360 was on-hand to chronicle the formal press conference and some additional video interviews. This page includes the entire Saturday press conference (divided into three parts) – with both coaches and two players from each team – plus some additional comments after the press conference from the two coaches.

A bonus video feature from CB360 (also will be posted on sister site is included at the bottom of this page: ESPN sideline reporter Jessica Mendoza taking her hacks during the Arizona batting-practice session on Saturday (Mendoza was a standout softball player at Stanford and recent national-team player who now stars in the National Pro Fastpitch circuit).

(press conf.; part-1 of 3) South Carolina’s Ray Tanner, Adam Matthews & Michael Roth, plus Arizona’s Andy Lopez, Robert Refsnyder & Alex Mejia.

(press conf.; part-2 of 3) South Carolina Coach Ray Tanner & Arizona Coach Andy Lopez

(press conf.; part-3 of 3) South Carolina Coach Ray Tanner & Arizona Coach Andy Lopez

Arizona Coach Andy Lopez (after off-day practice)

South Carolina Coach Ray Tanner (after press conference)

ESPN Sideline Reporter Jessica Mendoza (former Stanford softball standout/current U.S. national-team member), participating in Arizona baseball batting-practice session …

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