How to Win Omaha’s Fan Support

June 26, 2010

Tips for college baseball teams, their fans and athletic directors.

By CB360’s Omaha native Paul Fiarkoski

Omaha locals supported CWS first-timers TCU big time in 2010

It seems like every year, Omaha identifies a new team at the College World Series to put their fan support behind. In 2010 that team was newcomer TCU. I asked a few people around Omaha what it takes for a team to win the fan support of locals. Below is a sampling of what they said.

Top Ways to Win Over Omaha Fans:

  • Be from Nebraska. If Nebraska or Creighton is in the College World Series, they’re the shoe-in favorite.
  • Beat Texas in the Super Regionals. Long story behind this one, but you need only know that many Nebraska fans now call the Big 12 the Texas 10.
  • Be humble. For some reason, humility is a trait held in much higher regard in Omaha than in most places (editor: apparently, more important than talent and winning … how refreshing!).
  • Have attractive team colors. To most here, support means wearing your team’s colors to the game. They have to look good in order to wear them.
  • Bring fans who know how to party! If the fans that follow you can’t tailgate and drink beer until the bars close, you won’t win over Omahans. (LSU fans have this down to an artform and are the Omaha favorite whenever they’re in the top eight.)
  • Be the underdog. If the media says you don’t have a chance, you have a BIG chance in Omaha!
  • Be complimentary. Say good things about Omaha when you’re out and about. The locals will eat it up and reciprocate with cheers.
  • Know the Cornhuskers. The fans here cherish their Nebraska Cornhuskers football team and your baseball team is no threat (Texas excluded). Learn the name of the football coach (Bo Pelini) and a few players, then sprinkle them into conversations.

Follow the tips above and your college baseball team will have no trouble attracting a strong following when you make it to the College World Series.

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