Tuesday College World Series Thoughts

September 28, 2009

Collegebaseball360.com Editor Sean Stires shares some College World Series thoughts…

  • How important is it to win your first round game in Omaha? Since the CWS began in 1947 just ten teams have lost their first game and gone on to capture the national championship.
  • Since 1980 just Oregon St. in 2006, USC in 1998 and the 1980 Arizona teams lost their first round game in Omaha and then claimed national titles.
  • Could Southern Mississippi head coach Corky Palmer have picked a better time to retire?  USM can never match what Palmer’s team did with its run to Omaha over the last three weeks, and Palmer would only be chasing a golden carrott if he weren’t retiring.  Just like George Costanza…Corky’s leaving on a high note.
  • If you don’t believe how tough it is for a Cinderella to return to Omaha see: Fresno State which went 0-2 in the Irvine Regional this year after winning last year’s title.  There are others: Louisville-2007, Arizona-2004, Southwest Mo. State-2003, Notre Dame-2002, San Jose St.-2000.  Getting to Omaha raises the expectation level of a program, but those expectations are seldom met in most cases.
  • Speaking of Southern Mississippi, great shot by ESPN of USM players scooping dirt from behind home plate to take home some Omaha dirt in paper cups and Gatorade bottles after Tuesday’s 11-4 loss (and elimination) to North Carolina.
  • When the new CWS stadium is built downtown in two years will Zesto’s bring its ice cream along?
  • Also, when the stadium’s downtown will outfield tickets still be sold as general admission seating?  If so, where will fans stand in line to get in? Fans currently stand in lone serpentine lines that go down the hill beyond the Rosenblatt outfield area.  The new stadium will have just a small parking lot and a sidewalk in those same locations.  Will they close off the street beyond right field?
  • LSU scored eight of its nine runs in Monday’s win over Arkansas with two outs. Coming into the CWS, the Tigers had just ten 2-out RBIs in five previous NCAA Tournament games.
  • After Monday’s win over Arkansas, LSU is now 35-3 this season when a right-hand pitcher starts.
  • With its 2-0 start, LSU now waits until Friday afternoonto play either Virginia or LSU.  I know the steaks in Omaha are good, and the pitching will be rested, but three days in between games at the most important time of the year is just too much.

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