College Baseball 360 Welcomes Chris Webb

November 10, 2010

From Editor Sean Stires: is very happy to welcome a new contributor to our site. Chris Webb runs, and now he will be bringing his insight to this site. Here’s what Chris has to say about our new joint endeavor:

While I have contributed content for CB360 in the past, focusing on Big Ten and the Mid-American Conference, I am proud to announce that going forward I will be a regular contributor to the site, providing commentary and news stories from the college baseball world in a new College Baseball 360 column “Inside the Webb“.

Going forward, Inside the Webb will have original content from every Friday. From coach and player interviews, to commentary on pressing issues within the game, Inside the Webb hopes to bring a new voice to the college baseball community, enhancing College Baseball 360’s scope, professionalism, and ability to cover the sport.

I look forward to being a catalyst in College Baseball 360’s growing coverage, and will strive to deliver informative, unique, and interesting content.

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