College Baseball Products Throughout MLB All-Star Rosters (again …)

July 11, 2016

A few weeks removed from college baseball players again dominating the selections in the 2016 Major League Draft, there once more is a significant college baseball influence among the Major League All-Star selections. Of the 79 total players who were selected for the 2016 All-Star Game (including nine who are replacement players), there are five more (29) that played college baseball compared to those who went straight to pro baseball from high school (24). The rest of the 2016 All-Star contingent includes 26 foreign players (who did not attend college in the U.S.), an amount that also is fewer than the number of college baseball alums among the 2016 All-Star players.

(Note: all content and extensive research on this page courtesy of CB360’s Pete LaFleur, please credit accordingly … also note that an in-depth look at the wild 2016 college baseball postseason, including Coastal Carolina’s historic CWS title, is forthcoming on … and be sure to follow along on Twitter via @CB360updates for notes on college baseball, MLB All-Star ties, etc.)

Buster Posey Florida State

Buster Posey – who transitioned from middle infield to catcher later in his college career at Florida State – has developed into an All-Star starting catcher and three-time World Series champ with San Francisco.

One year ago among the 2015 All-Star selections, the ratio was even more significant – as there were nearly twice as many (41) who played college baseball compared to those who went straight to pro baseball from high school (22), plus 13 foreign-based players among the 2015 All-Stars. Similarly, the 2014 All-Stars included 33 college baseball products, 19 straight-from-high school and 29 foreign-based products.

Click on the links below to see releases similar to this one for the previous two MLB All-Star Games:
> 2015

Here is a basic breakdown of the All-Stars from the past three seasons (2014–16):
• 2014: 33 college … 19 HS … 29 foreign
• 2015 41 college … 22 HS … 13 foreign
• 2016: 29 college … 24 HS … 25 foreign
> 2004–16: 103 college … 65 HS … 67 foreign-based

As shown in the breakdown above, nearly half (44%; 103 of 235) of the total All-Stars spanning the past three seasons have been college products (compared to only 28% that entered pro ball directly from high school and another 28% who are foreign-based).

Kris Bryant (San Diego)

Kris Bryant (Chicago Cubs/University of San Diego)

Most of the college baseball alums among the 2016 All-Stars are former Division I players (25 of 29), plus one former Division II player and three who entered pro ball directly from junior college.

For the third straight year, a toss around the National League starting infield will touch the gloves of several different college baseball alums – Giants catcher Buster Posey (Florida State), Blue Jays 2B Ben Zobrist (Dallas Baptist) and Cubs 3B Kris Bryant (Univ. of San Diego). … A year ago, the 2015 NL infield starters also included Posey, plus Diamondbacks 1B Paul Goldschmidt (Texas State), Rockies 2B DJ Le Mahieu (LSU; inj. replacement for fellow former college player Dee Gordon) and Reds 3B Todd Frazier (Rutgers). … And in 2014, the NL infield starters included Goldschmidt, Phillies 2B Chase Utley (UCLA), Rockies SS Troy Tulowitzki (Long Beach State) and Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy (Louisiana-Lafayette).

White Sox ace Chris Sale (Florida Gulf Coast) – the 2016 American League starting pitcher – was one of several 2014 All-Star lefthanded pitchers who entered pro ball from the college ranks.

In addition to Posey, Goldschmidt, Zobrist and Bryant, there are three other college baseball products among the 2016 All-Star position starters: White Sox LHP Chris Sale (Florida Gulf Coast), Nationals RF Bryce Harper (Southern Nevada JC) and Red Sox CF Jackie Bradley, Jr. (Univ. of South Carolina). In addition to Sale, Steven Wright (Indians/Univ. of Hawaii) and Jake Arrietta (Cubs/TCU) also were considered top options to be All-Star starting pitchers.

A year ago in 2015, there were 10 total All-Star starters who were college baseball products: Posey, Goldschmidt, Le Mahieu/Gordon, Frazier, Harper, Blue Jays 3B Josh Donaldson (Auburn), Astros LHP Dallas Keuchel (Arkansas), the Royals OF duo of Alex Gordon (Nebraska/inj.) and Lorenzo Cain (Tallahassee JC), and Angels 1B Albert Pujols (Maple Woods JC).

TCU product and current Chicago Cubs ace  Jake Arrieta was one of the top contenders to start for the National League in the 2016 All-Star game.

TCU product and current Chicago Cubs ace Jake Arrieta was a top contender to start for the National League in the 2016 All-Star Game.

In addition to being the only college baseball program to reach the College World Series in each of the past three seasons (2014–16), TCU also is the only college program with multiple 2016 MLB All-Stars: Arrieta and Cardinals 3B Matt Carpenter.

The 26 foreign-based 2016 All-Stars predictably are dominated by players from the Dominican Republic (12) and Venezuela (6), plus two each from Cololbia, Cuba and Puerto Rico, along with one each from Aruba and Curacao. The 24 direct-from-high-school players among the 2016 All-Stars include eight from Florida, four each from California and Texas, three from North Carolina, and one each from Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee and Washington.




Courtesy of, here’s an assortment of notes about the 2016 All-Star Game within the context of college baseball (the info. also includes some corresponding 2014 & ’15 data, which can be accessed more in-depth via the links near top of this page) …

• Breaking Down The 2016 All-Star Selections
(79 total, includes nine replacement players)
29– former college baseball players (all listed below, scroll down)
24 – players who went straight to pro ball from high school
26 – foreign-based players

(note: in 2015, the breakdown was 41 college, 13 foreign & 22 straight from high school … and in 2014: 33 college, 29 foreign & 19 straight from high school)

Ben Zobrist

Dallas Baptist product Ben Zobrist – who played for four different AL teams spanning the 2014–15 seasons (capped by helping the Royals win the 2015 World Series) – now is an All-Star starter for the National League, as the Chicago Cubs everyday second baseman

Comparing the Leagues
National League
16 – former college baseball players (all listed below)
13 – players who went straight to pro ball from HS
15 – foreign-based players
(2015: 20 college/5 foreign/13 HS
… 2014: 19 college/12 foreign/10 HS)

American League
13 – former college baseball players (all listed below)
11 – players who went straight to pro ball from HS
11 – foreign-based players
(2015: 21 college/8 foreign/9 HS
… 2014: 14 college/17 foreign/9 HS)
Former College Baseball Players
who are 2016 All-Star Starters:
NL catcher Buster Posey  (S.F. Giants) – Florida St.
NL 2B Ben Zobrist  (Chicago Cubs) – Dallas Baptist
NL 3B Kris Bryant  (Cubs) – U. of san Diego
NL RF Bryce Harper  (Washington Nationals) – Southern Nevada JC
AL LHP Chris Sale (Chicago White Sox) – Florida Gulf Coast
AL CF Jackie Bradley, Jr.  (Boston Red Sox) – South Carolina

University of South Carolina standout Jackie Bradley, Jr., led the Gamecocks

University of South Carolina standout Jackie Bradley, Jr. – who led the Gamecocks to 2010 and ’11 College World Series titles – is an American League starter in the 2016 MLB All-Star Game (as a member of the Boston Red Sox).

(the 17 initial All-Star starters, with pitchers TBD, also include five foreign-based/non-college players and seven who entered pro ball straight from high school, plus two TBA/pitchers … this breakdown does not include a couple injury replacements into the starting lineup)

… a year earlier in 2015, there were 10 college baseball products among the initial 20 All-Star starters (listed above, within the intro. text) – compared to only five 2015 All-Star starters who had entered pro ball straight from high school)

… the six former college baseball players who were 2014 All-Star starters: Goldschmidt, Donaldson, NL catcher Jonathan Lucroy (Brewers/Louisiana-Lafayette), NL 2B Chase Utley (Phillies/UCLA), NL SS Troy Tulowitzki (Rockies/Long Beach St.) and AL RF Jose Bautista (Blue Jays/Chipola JC), plus seven foreign-based players and six who entered pro ball straight from high school.

• College Baseball Programs represented in the 2016 All-Star Game:
(28  programs/24 DI)
2 – TCU (Jake Arrieta & Matt Carpenter)
1 – Arizona, Auburn, Dallas Baptist, Florida Gulf Coast, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Hawaii, Jacksonville, Long Beach State, Louisiana-Lafayette, LSU, Louisville, Mississippi, Missouri, Monmouth, North Carolina, San Diego, San Diego State, South Carolina, Stetson, Texas, Texas State and Texas Tech.
– also one each from: D2 Azusa Pacific, Southern Nevada JC, Wallace State (AL) JC and Tallahassee (FL) JC.

… in 2015, the breakdown of the 41 college baseball products among the All-Stars included 31 college programs (two each from Miami, UCLA, Vanderbilt and Chipola JC), 28 of them DI schools:
2 – Miami (Ryan Braun & Yasmani Grandel)
2 – UCLA (Brandon Crawford & Gerrit Cole)
2 – Vanderbilt (Sonny Gray and David Price)
2 – Chipola (FL) JC (Jose Bautista & Russell Martin)
1 – Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Auburn, College of Charleston, Florida, Florida Gulf Coast, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Long Beach State, LSU, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Missouri, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Rice, Rutgers, St. John’s, San Diego, USC, Southern Mississippi, Stetson, Texas A&M and Texas State.
– also one each from: D2 Azusa Pacific and Nova Southeastern; NAIA Southeastern (FL) Univ. (Cowley County (KS) JC, Maple Woods (MO) JC, Okaloosa Walton (FL) JC (now Northwest Florida State JC), Southern Nevada JC and Tallahassee (FL) JC.

American League third baseman Josh Donaldson (Blue Jays) was a starter in the 2014 and ’15 All-Star Games. Donaldson played for the A’s in 2014, when he joined Tim Hudson as former Auburn players who were named to the 2014 All-Star rosters.

… a total of 60 different college baseball programs can boast at least one MLB All-Star over the past three seasons (2014–16)

• These six schools can lay claim to at least one MLB All-Star in each of the past three seasons:
Auburn  (Josh Donaldson ’14, ’15 & ’16; Tim Hudson ’14)
Georgia Tech  (Matt Wieters ’14 & ’16; Charlie Blackmon ’14; Mark Teixeira ’15)
Missouri  (Max Scherzer ’14, ’15 & ’16; Ian Kinsler ’14)
Florida Gulf Coast  (Chris Sale ’14, ’15 & ’16)
Long Beach State  (Troy Tulowitzki ’14 & ’15; Marco Estrada ’16)
Texas State  (Paul Goldschmidt ’14, ’15 & ’16)

… eight other college programs had All-Star representation in 2014 and ’15 but not in 2016: Nebraska (Alex Gordon ’14 & ’15; Tony Watson ’14) … Minnesota (Glen Perkins ’14 & ’15) … Notre Dame (Jeff Samardzija ’14; A.J. Pollock ’15) … Rutgers (Todd Frazier ’14 & ’15) … UCLA (Chase Utley ’14; Gerrit Cole and Brandon Crawford ’15) … Vanderbilt (David Price ’14 & ’15; Sonny Gray ’15) … Southeastern Univ. (Dee Gordon ’14 & ’15) … and Chipola JC (Jose Bautista ’14 & ’15; Hector Santiago ’15)

… the 2014 All-Stars (33) included two former players from Auburn, Georgia Tech, Missouri and Nebraska, plus one each from Butler, California, Cal State Fullerton, Cincinnati, Florida Gulf Coast, Jacksonville, Long Beach State, Louisiana-Lafayette, Minnesota, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Rutgers, Texas, Texas-Arlington, TCU, Texas State, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Western Carolina, D3 Wisconsin-Stevens Point, NAI Southeastern Univ., Chipola JC, Jefferson JC and Wallace State JC.

Stephen Strasburg  (Washington Nationals/San Diego State)

Stephen Strasburg (Washington Nationals/San Diego State)

• College Baseball Products 2016 MLB All-Stars sorted by position:
11 righthanded pitchers (of 25)
3 lefthanded pitchers (of 9)
4 catchers (of 6)
2 first baseman (of 6)
2 second baseman (of 4)
0 shortstops (of 6)
3 third basemen (of 5)
2 leftfielders (of 3)
1 centerfielder (of 7)
1 rightfielders (of 6)
0 designated hitters  (of 2)
(positions based on bio listings)

… the 2015 breakdown of college baseball products that were MLB All-Stars:
11 RHPs (of 20) … 4 LHPs (of 9)
4 catchers (of 6) … 3 first baseman (of 7)
5 second baseman (of 6) … 2 SS (of 5)
4 third basemen (of 7) … 2 LF (of 4)
2 CF (of 6) … 4 RF (of 6)

… and the 2014 breakdown of former college baseball players among the MLB all-stars: 9 of 23 RHPs, 6 of 11 LHPs, 3 of 8 catchers, 1 of 7 1B, 4 of 6 2B, 1 of 5 SS, 4 of 6 3B, 1 of 3 LF, 0 of 4 CF, 4 of 6 RF)

Matt Carpenter (St. Louis Cardinals/TCU)

St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Matt Carpenter (pictured) and Chicago Cubs ace Jake Arrieta both were named to the 2016 MLB All-Star Game, making TCU the only college program with multiple products among the 2016 All-Stars.

… Combined 2014, 2015 & 2016 former college baseball players on All-Star rosters
11 second baseman (of 16) – 69%
11 third basemen (of 18) – 61%
11 catchers (of 20) – 55%
9 rightfielders (of 18) – 50%
5 leftfielders (of 10) – 50%
31 RH pitchers (of 68) – 46%
13 LH pitchers (of 29) – 45%
6 first baseman (of 20) – 30%
3 shortstops (of 16) – 19%
3 centerfielders (of 17) – 18%
0 DHs (of 2)
… over past three seasons, nearly half of the All-Star pitchers (44 of 97) have been former college baseball players, plus 11-of-16 second basemen, 11-of-18 third basemen, 11-of-20 catchers and 14-of-28 corner outfielders (but only 3-of-16 shortstops and 3-of-17 centerfielders).

• Lots-o-Lefties – In 2014, six of the 11 lefthanded pitchers named to the ’14 All-Star Game were former college baseball players, with that group including David Price (Vanderbilt), Chris Sale (Florida Gulf Coast), Sean Doolittle (Virginia), Tony Watson (Nebraska), Glen Perkins (Minnesota) and Mark Buehrle (Jefferson, MO, JC) … Price, Sale and Perkins returned as 2015 All-Stars, along with fellow LHP Dallas Kuechel (Arkansas), followed by three more LHPs with college baseball backgrounds among the 2016 All-Star rosters: Sale, Drew Pomeranz (Ole Miss) and Andrew Miller (North Carolina).

University of Hawaii product Steven Wright (now a standout with the Cleveland Indians) was on the short list to be named the American League starting pitcher in the 2016 All-Star Game.

University of Hawaii product Steven Wright (now a standout with the Cleveland Indians) was on the short list to be named the American League starting pitcher in the 2016 All-Star Game.

• Breakdown by Major League Team – the 29 college baseball products among the 2016 All-Star contingent come from 19 different Major League teams … there are four different MLB teams (Red Sox, Cubs, Jays and Nationals) each with three college baseball products among their All-Star contingent, plus two each from the Orioles and Giants:

3 – Boston Red Sox  (Craig Kimbrel, Steven Wright and Jackie Bradley, Jr.)
3 – Chicago Cubs  (Jake Arietta, Ben Zobrist and Kris Bryant)
3 – Toronto Blue Jays  (Marco Estrada, Josh Donaldson and Michael Saunders)
3 – Washington Nationals  (Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper)
2 – Baltimore Orioles
(Brad Brach and Matt Wieters)
2 – San Francisco Giants
(Buster Posey and Brandon Belt)
1 – Arizona Diamondbacks  (Paul Goldschmidt)
1 – Chicago White Sox  (Chris Sale)
1 – Cincinnati Reds  (Adam Duvall)
1 – Cleveland Indians  (Corey Kluber)
1 – Houston Astros  (Will Harris)
1 – Miami Marlins  (AJ Ramos)
1 – Milwaukee Brewers  (Matthew Lucroy)
1 – New York Mets  (Daniel Murphy)
1 – New York Yankees (Andrew Miller)
1 – Oakland A’s  (Stephen Vogt)
1 – Pittsburgh Pirates  (Mark Melancon)
1 – St. Louis Cardinals  (Matt Carpenter)
1 – San Diego Padres  (Drew Pomeranz)
… none from Anaheim Angels, Atlanta Braves, Colorado Rockies, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Minnesota Twins, Philadelphia Phillies, Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers)

Mark Melancon (Pittsburgh Pirates/University of Arizona)

Mark Melancon (Pittsburgh Pirates/University of Arizona)

… and a year ago, the 41 college baseball alums among the 2015 All-Star contingent came from 26 different Major League teams (all but Atlanta, San Diego, Seattle and Texas) … there were three San Francisco Giants 2015 All-Stars who played college baseball and three more from the Toronto Blue Jays, plus two each from 10 other teams:
3 – San Francisco Giants
(Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford and Joe Panik)
3 – Toronto Blue Jays
(Josh Donaldson, Russell Martin & Jose Bautista)
2 – Oakland A’s
(Sonny Gray and Josh Donaldson)
2 – Arizona Diamondbacks
(Paul Goldschmidt and A.J. Pollock)
2 – St. Louis Cardinals
(Michael Wacha and Trevor Rosenthal)
2 – Pittsburgh Pirates
(Gerritt Cole and Mark Melancon, both Pac-12)
2 – Colorado Rockies
(Troy Tulowitzki and DJ LeMahieu)
2 – New York Yankees
(Mark Teixeira and Brett Gardner)
2 – Kansas City Royals
(Alex Gordon and Lorenzo Cain)
2 – Detroit Tigers
(David Price and J.D. Martinez)
2 – Washington Nationals
(Max Scherzer and Bryce Harper)
2 – Anaheim Angels
(Albert Pujols and Hector Santiago)

… the 2014 All-Stars included 33 former college baseball alums, spread out among 23 MLB teams (three from the As, and two each from the Giants, Cards, Padres, Royals, Tigers, Pirates, Blue Jays, Twins and Rockies) … all of those teams except the Padres also had multiple former college players among their 2015 All-Stars.

… notes: the American League East (9) features the most 2016 All-Stars who are former college players, followed by seven from the National League Central (which is the only division with all five teams represented by college baseball alums) … there also are five college baseball products among the NL East All-Stars, plus four from the NL West and two each from the AL Central and AL West … over the past three seasons (2014–16), the Texas Rangers are the only MLB team that has not featured at least one MLB All-Star who is a former college baseball player.

• Cold-Weather Products – Roughly 20% of the Division I college baseball products (6 of 32) among the 2015 All-Stars were products of programs from the Midwest or Northeast, including three (Frazier, Pollock and Panik) who played in the BIG EAST Conference (in the days before recent reconfiguration):
– Missouri: Max Scherzer  (Detroit Tigers)
– Nebraska: Alex Gordon  (Kansas City Royals)
– Rutgers: Todd Frazier  (Cincinnati Reds)
– Notre Dame: A.J. Pollock  (Arizona Diamondbacks)
– St. John’s: Joe Panik  (San Francisco Giants)
– Minnesota: Glen Perkins  (Minnesota Twins)

Monmouth College product Brad Brach emerged from a college baseball career in New Jersey to becoming a 2016 MLB All-Star (as a member of the Baltimore Orioles).

Monmouth College product Brad Brach emerged from a college baseball career in New Jersey to becoming a 2016 MLB All-Star (as a member of the Baltimore Orioles).

… Scherzer is back in the All-Star mix again this season, as is Orioles RHP Brad Brach, who – like Frazier – played his college ball in New Jersey (at Monmouth).

… and two years ago, there were 11 former college players from the Midwest or Northeast among the 2014 All-Stars: Scherzer, Gordon, Perkins and Frazier, plus Ian Kinsler (Tigers/Missouri), Tony Watson (Pirates/Nebraska), Pat Newshek (Cardinals/Butler), Josh Harrison (Pirates/Univ. of Cincinnati), Jeff Samardzija (Cubs & A’s/Notre Dame), Jordan Zimmerman (Nationals/Wis.-Stevens Point) and Mark Buehrle (Blue Jays/Jefferson JC).

• CWS Teams Representing – Three of the 2016 College World Series programs can boast proud alums among the 2016 All-Stars, including one from NCAA runner-up Arizona:
– TCU: RHP Jake Arrieta (Cubs) and 3B Matt Carpenter (Cardinals)
– Arizona: RHP Mark Melancon (Pirates)
– Texas Tech: RHP A.J. Ramos (Marlins)

… One year earlier, five of the 2015 CWS programs (all but UVa, TCU and Fullerton – each of which had former players among the 2014 All Stars) featured alums among the 2015 All-Stars (7 total), including two from NCAA runner-up Vanderbilt and two from Miami:
– Vanderbilt: LHP David Price (Rays) & RHP Sonny Gray (A’s)
– Miami: C Yasmani Grandal (Dodgers) & OF Ryan Braun (Brewers)
– Arkansas: LHP Dallas Kuechel (Astros)
– LSU: 2B DJ LeMahieu (Rockies)
– Florida: RHP Darren O’Day (Orioles)

 Half of the 2014 CWS teams had former players among the 2014 All-Stars: Carpenter, Price, Virginia LHP Sean Doolittle (A’s) and Texas RHP Huston Street (Padres).

… The 2016 All-Stars include six players who also played in the College World Series earlier in their baseball careers (one on a two-time champion; two others on runner-up teams):
– Will Harris (LSU infielder/pitcher 2003 & ’04)
– Andrew Miller (North Carolina 2006 runner-up)
– Matt Wieters (Georgia Tech catcher/closer 2006)
– Brandon Belt (Texas 2009 runner-up)
– Buster Posey (Florida State 2008)
– Jackie Bradley, Jr. (South Carolina 2010 & ’11 champs)

LSU's Will Harris

Will Harris – now a 2016 MLB All-Star (Houston Astros) – was an infielder/pitcher on two College World Series teams while at LSU (2003 and ’04).

… and the 2015 All-Stars included a boatload of players (15) from former CWS teams:

Sonny Gray (Vanderbilt 2011)
Michael Wacha (Texas A&M 2011)
Gerrit Cole (UCLA 2010 runner-up)
DJ Le Mahieu (LSU 2008, plus 2009 champs)
Dallas Kuechel (Arkansas 2009)
Brian Dozier (Southern Mississippi 2009)
Jason Kipnis (Arizona State 2009)
Buster Posey (Florida State 2008)
Yasmani Grandal (Miami 2008)
Ryan Braun (Miami 2003, ’04 and ’05)
Alex Gordon (Nebraska 2005)
Darren O’Day (Florida 2005 runner-up)
Mark Teixeira (Georgia Tech 2000)

> BONUS INFO.2016 MLB Futures Games connections to college baseball – The 2016 MLB Futures Game (played June 10, in San Diego) included 15 college baseball products among the 25 players on the U.S. team … seven of those 15 played at SEC schools, including two each from Vanderbilt and Arkansas (plus one each from Mississippi State, LSU and Tennessee) … the eight others played at: Rice, Stephen F. Austin, Furman, East Carolina, Oregon, San Jacinto JC and Yavapai JC (plus one who played at Cal State Fullerton and then Southern Nevada JC) … two schools – LSU and Southern Nevada (JC) – can boast a former player in both the 2016 MLB All-Star Game and Futures Game.

• 2016 MLB Future Games – U.S. Team Roster
Pitchers (7 of 10 college products)

LHP Anthony Banda (Diamondbacks AAA) – San Jacinto (TX) JC
RHP Phil Bickford (Giants A+) – CS Fullerton & Southern Nevada (JC)
RHP J.T. Chargois (Twins AAA) – Rice
RHP Carson Fulmer (White Sox AA) – Vanderbilt
RHP Jeff Hoffman (Rockies AAA) –East Carolina
LHP Nate Smith (Dodgers AAA) – Furman
RHP Ryne Stanek (Rays AA) – Arkansas
… the other three include a former St. John’s University basketball player, LHP Amir Garrett, plus two players direct-from-HS (from Maryland and California)

Catchers (0 of 2 college)
… direct from HS (Illinois and California)

Infielders (5 of 7 college)
Alex Bregman (Astros AAA) – LSU
Willie Calhoun (Dodgers AA) – Yavapai JC
Hunter Dozier (Royals AAA) – Stephen F. Austin
Ron Healy (A’s AAA) – Oregon
Dansby Swanson (Braves AA) – Vanderbilt
… also high school products from New York and California

Outfielders (3 of 6 college)
Andrew Benintendi (Red SoxB AA) – Arkansas
Hunter Renfroe (Padres AAA) – Mississippi State
Christin Stewart (Tigers A+) – Tennessee
… also HS products from Arizona, Alabama and Georgia


• COLLEGE BASEBALL products among 2016 ALL-STAR Selections
(29 of 78, with only 24 straight-from HS players, plus 26 foreign players who did not play college baseball … 25 of the college baseball alums played on the DI level, plus one from D2 and three who entered pro ball out of junior college)
all info. courtesy of Pete LaFleur, – please credit accordingly 

… note that the 2015 All-Stars included 41 of 76 who were college baseball products and only 22 are straight-from HS players, plus 13 foreign-based players … 32 of the college baseball alums among those 2015 All-Stars played on the DI level, plus a pair from D2, one NAIA and six who entered pro ball out of JC)

Corey Kluber

Corey Kluber (Cleveland Indians) follows in the footsteps of Mets talented young righthander Jacob de Grom as the second Stetson product to earn an All-Star spot during the past two seasons.

… also 5 straight-from-HS & 9 foreign
National League
Jake Arrieta (Chicago Cubs) – TCU
Mark Melancon (Pittsburgh Pirates) – Arizona (also ’15 All-Star)
A.J. Ramos (Miami Marlins) – Texas Tech
Stephen Strasburg (Washington Nationals) – San Diego State
Max Scherzer (Washington Nationals) – Missouri (also ’14 & ’15 All-Star)
> note: Scherzer is an injury replacement for his Nationals teammate Strasburg

American League
Brad Brach  (Baltimore Orioles) – Monmouth
Marco Estrada  (Toronto Blue Jays) – Long Beach State (injured)
Will Harris  (Houston Astros) – LSU
Craig Kimbrel  (Boston Red Sox) – Wallace State (AL) JC  (inj.; also ’14 All-Star)
Corey Kluber  (Cleveland Indians) – Stetson  (injury replacement)
Steven Wright  (Boston Red Sox) – Hawaii

> … 2015 RHPs (11 of 20): Melancon, Scherzer, Michael Wacha (Cards/Texas A&M), Jacob de Grom (Mets/Stetson), Gerrit Cole (Pirates/UCLA), Jonathan Papelbon (Phillies/Mississippi St), Trevor Rosenthal (Cards/Cowley County [KS] JC), Sonny Gray (A’s/Vanderbilt), Darren O’Day (Orioles/Univ. of Florida), Brad Boxberger (Rays/USC) and Hector Santiago (Angels/Okaloosa-Walton [FL] JC )

> … 2014 RHPs (9): Scherzer, Kimbrel, Tim Hudson (Giants/Auburn), Pat Newshek (Cards/Butler), Tyson Ross (Padres/Univ. of California), Jeff Samardzija (Cubs & A’s/Notre Dame), Huston Street (Padres/Univ. of Texas), Jordan Zimmerman (Nationals/Wis.-Stevens Point) and Greg Holland (Royals/Western Carolina)

Andrew Miller (New York Yankees/North Carolina)

Andrew Miller (New York Yankees/North Carolina)

… also 5 straight from HS and 1 foreign
National League
Drew Pomeranz  (San Diego Padres) – Mississippi  (injury replacement)

American League
Andrew Miller (New York Yankees) – North Carolina
Chris Sale (Chicago White Sox) – Florida Gulf Coast  *starter* (also 2014 and ’15 All-Star)

> … 2015 LHPs (4 of 9): Sale, Dallas Kuechel (Astros/Arkansas), David Price (Rays/Vanderbilt) and Glen Perkins (Twins/ Univ. of Minnesota)

> … 2014 LHPs (6): Price, Sale, Perkins, Tony Watson (Pirates/Univ. of Nebraska), Mark Buehrle (Blue Jays/Jefferson JC) and Sean Doolittle (A’s/Virginia)


Former Louisiana-Lafayette player Jonathan Lucroy now stars for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Former Louisiana-Lafayette player Jonathan Lucroy (Milwaukee Brewers) has been named an MLB All-Star in two of the past three seasons.

CATCHERS (4, of 6)
… also 2 foreign-based players
National League
Buster Posey  (San Francisco Giants) – Florida State  *starter*
(also started in 2015 All-Star game)
Jonathan Lucroy  (Milwaukee Brewer) – Louisiana-Lafayette (also ’14 All-Star)

American League
Stephen Vogt  (Oakland A’s) – Azusa Pacific (also ’15 All-Star)
Matt Wieters  (Baltimore Orioles) – Georgia Tech (also ’14 All-Star)

> … 2015 catchers (4 of 6): Posey, Yasmani Grandel (Dodgers/Univ. of Miami), Russell Martin (Blue Jays/Chipola JC) and Stephen Vogt (A’s/Azusa Pacific)

> … 2014 catchers (3): Lucroy (Brewers/Louisiana-Lafayette), Kurt Suzuki (Twins/Fullerton) and Matt Wieters (Orioles/Georgia Tech)


Diamondbacks big bopper Paul Goldschmidt honed his craft as a college baseball player at Texas State (previously known as Southwest Texas State).



… also 3 straight from HS and 1 foreign
National League
Brandon Belt  (San Francisco Giants) – Texas
Paul Goldschmidt (Arizona Diamondbacks) – Texas State
(also 2014 & ’15 All-Star/starter both years)

American League

> … 2015 first basemen (3 of 7): Goldschmidt, Mark Teixeira (Yankees/Georgia Tech) and Albert Pujols (Angels/Maple Woods [MO] JC)

> … 2014 first basemen (1): Goldschmidt


2015 MLB postseason hero Daniel Murphy – a 2014 and '16 MLB All-Star – emerged from a college baseball career at Jacksonville University.

2015 MLB postseason hero Daniel Murphy – a 2014 and ’16 All-Star – emerged from a college career at Jacksonville University.



… also two foreign-based players
National League
Daniel Murphy  (Washington Nationals) – Jacksonville Univ.
(also 2014 All-Star)
Ben Zobrist  (Chicago Cubs) – Dallas Baptist *starter*
(also 2013 Alll-Star)

American League

> … 2015 second basemen (5 of 6): Dee Gordon (Dodgers/Southeastern [FL] Univ), DJ LeMahieu (Rockies/LSU), Joe Panik (Giants/St. John’s), Brian Dozier (Twins/Southern Mississippi) and Jason Kipnis (Indians/Arizona State)

> … 2014 second basemen (4): Murphy, Gordon, Chase Utley (Phillies/UCLA) and Ian Kinsler (Tigers/Missouri)


SHORTSTOPS (0, of 6)
… also 3 direct from HS and 3 foreign
National League

American League

> … 2015 shortstops (2 of 5): Brandon Crawford (Giants/UCLA) and Troy Tulowitzki (Rockies/Long Beach State)

> … 2014 shortstops: Tulowitzki


… also 2 direct from high school
National League
Kris Bryant  (Chicago Cubs) – U. of San Diego *starter* (also ’15 All-Star)
Matt Carpenter  (St. Louis Cardinals) – TCU (inj.; also ’14 all-star)

American League
Josh Donaldson  (Toronto Blue Jays) – Auburn
(also 2015 All-Star … and 2014 All-Star w/ Oakland A’s)

> … 2015 third basemen (4 of 7): Bryant, Donaldson, Todd Frazier (Reds/Rutgers) and Brock Holt (Red Sox/Rice)

> … 2014 third basemen (4): Frazier, Donaldson, Carpenter and Kyle Seager (Mariners/North Carolina)


Adam Duvall (Cincinnati Reds/Louisville)

Adam Duvall (Cincinnati Reds/Louisville)

… also 1 foreign-based player
National League
Adam Duvall  (Cincinnati Reds) – Louisville

American League
Michael Saunders  (Toronto Blue Jays) – Tallahassee JC

> … 2015 left fielders (2 of 4): Alex Gordon (Royals/Nebraska) and Brett Gardner  (Yankees/Coll. of Charleston)

> … 2014 left fielders: Gordon


… also 3 direct from HS and 3 foreign
National League

American League
Jackie Bradley, Jr.  (Boston Red Sox) – South Carolina

> … 2015 center fielders (2 of 6): A.J. Pollock (Diamondbacks/Notre Dame) and Lorenzeo Cain (Royals/Tallahassee JC)

> … 2014 center fielders: none


… also 3 direct from HS and 2 foreign
National League
Bryce Harper  (Washington Nationals) – Southern Nevada JC
*starter*  (also 2015 All-Star starter)

American League

> … 2015 right fielders: Harper, Ryan Braun (Brewers/U. of Miami), J.D. Martinez  (Tigers/Nova Southeastern) and Jose Bautista (Blue Jays/Chipola JC)


> … 2014 right fielders: Bautista, Charlie Blackmon (Rockies/Georgia Tech), Josh Harrison (Pirates/U. of Cincinnati) and Hunter Pence (Giants/Texas-Arlington).


… both are foreign-based players

 Additional 2016 All-Stars pictured below (hope to add one of Ben Zobrist to this release later):


Max Scherzer (Missouri) – Detroit Tigers

Matt Wieters (Georgia Tech) – Baltimore Orioles)

Matt Wieters (Georgia Tech) – Baltimore Orioles)


Marco Estrada (Long Beach State) – Toronto Blue Jays

Marco Estrada (Long Beach State) – Toronto Blue Jays











Brandon Belt (Texas) – San Francisco Giants

Brandon Belt (Texas) – San Francisco Giants


AJ Ramos (Texas Tech) - Miami Marlins

AJ Ramos (Texas Tech) – Miami Marlins












Steven Vogt (Azusa Pacific) – Oakland A's

Steven Vogt (Azusa Pacific) – Oakland A’s

Craig Kimbrel (Wallace State) – Cleveland Indians

Craig Kimbrel (Wallace State) – Cleveland Indians


Drew Pomeranz (Ole Miss) – San Diego Padres

Drew Pomeranz (Ole Miss) – San Diego Padres


















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